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Disc Implements

Working width

Trailed X Disc harrows

APXE-TL-Cover crop autoporteur en X-Quivogne
The APXE-TL, great classic of the QUIVOGNE range, symbol of the reliability and strength. Great classic of the QUIVOGNE range, this self-supporting disc-harrow is the perfect tool for medium-sized c...
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SOL X, Cover crop autoporteur en x Quivogne
Perfect for medium-sized cultures, easy settings. Self-supporting heavy disc-harrow Quivogne with horizontal folding. Completely hydraulic, with a remote control for all operations from the tract...
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COMPACT +, Cover-Crop Quivogne
The Compact + disc harrows have a new chassis that is shorter, reducing their weight, their cost and simplifying manoeuvres such as U-turns and going through field entrances.
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APAXR MONO Cover-crop Quivogne
The most flexible solution to reduce charges. Are you searching for a modern disc-harrow, flexible at work and ensuring a good visibility? Our APAXR MONO will fulfill your expectations : a frame wit...
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APAXR GL, Cover-Crop grande largeur Quivogne
The biggest "X" disc harrow of QUIVOGNE and the best for big cultures. Latest disc harrow of the QUIVOGNE range, its worth has been proved on the great plains in Eastern Europe. With an exceptiona...
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Trailed V Disc harrows

The AP is a self-supporting "V" disc-harrow with standard frame. Engineered with the whole know-how of Quivogne, this tool has got excellent reliability and strength.
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APFL, Cover-Crop en V
The Quivogne APFL has been designed for hard work conditions. It is provided with a frame which especially withstands the test of time. The purchase of such a disc-harrow means a long-term quality...
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APF, Cover-Crop en V Quivogne
Similaire à l'APFL, le Cover-Crop APF QUIVOGNE est un Cover-Crop autoporteur en V qui est élaboré pour affronter les conditions de travail les plus exigeantes. Son châssis solide est conçu pour un...
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APFL FF Cover-Crop en V Quivogne
The APFL-FF is a heavy and agressive machine ! The APFL Flail/Flail Quivogne is a self-supporting disc-harrow in "V" specifically engineered for hard work conditions. This tool is fitted with flai...
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Perfect for medium-sized cultures, easy settings. Quivogne disc-harrow, self-supporting in "V" with horizontal folding. Completely hydraulic, with a remote control for all operations from the tracto...
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APVRS, Cover-Crop en V Quivogne
The APVRS, THE V disc harrow for a high ha/h output. It is one of the biggest V disc harrows in the Quivogne range. Working widths go from 3,60m to 5,85m, making this disc harrow the ideal implement...
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Selflifting disc harrow in V, fleau dics. The central axle has strengthened wheel rims and favors the homogeneous distribution of the weight on discs. The hydraulic folding enables 3,30m transport ...
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Mounted and trailed disc harrows

CP Cover-Crop porté en V Quivogne
The CP is a V form disc harrow that is designed and built by Quivogne. It is available in 5 versions from 1,20m to 2m
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PXL Cover-Crop porté en X Quivogne
Le PXL est un Cover-Crop porté en X Quivogne. Doté d'un châssis très léger et permet ainsi de le tracter avec moins de puissance. De plus, son prix particulièrement bien étudié le rend accessi...
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Rapid disc stubble cultivators

DISKACROP EVO, déchaumeur à disques Quivogne
Le déchaumeur à disques, DISKACROP EVO, présente une largeur de travail de 4 à 7 mètres. Ses disques de grand diamètre permettent d’enfouir facilement les résidus et donc d'obtenir un bon mélange t...
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DISKACROP, déchaumeur à disques Quivogne
Designed for work of medium depth (up to 20 cm), the Diskacrop allows to carry out a large number of operations: superficial stubble, resumption of plowing, false seeding or preparation of the seed b...
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DISKATOR, déchaumeur à disques Quivogne
Designed especially to perform high-speed shallow stubble cultivation, the Diskator is particularly efficient at high speed. It ensures that you have the optimum output cost effectively, it enables th...
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DISKATOR AP, déchaumeur à disques Quivogne
Réalisé spécialement pour effectuer les opérations de déchaumage superficiel, le Diskator AP est un déchaumeur à disques particulièrement efficace à grande vitesse. Il vous assure un rendement opt...
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