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Main Features Selflifting disc harrow in V, fleau dics.
The central axle has strengthened
wheel rims and favors the homogeneous distribution of the weight on discs. The hydraulic folding enables 3,30m transport
width. Fleau discs of Ø 810x10, gap 280 mm.
Technical specifications Center frame double girder, 200x100 mm and outer triputre, 150x100 mm (up to 44 discs).
Central frame tripoutre, 200x100 mm and outside tripoutre, 150x100 mm (model 52 discs)
Central frame four beams, 200x100 mm and outside triputre, 150x100 mm (model 60 discs)
200x100 mm tube batteries (reinforced from 52 discs)
Shafts 50 mm, steel bearings, tapered bearings triple sealing (weight 32 kg)
Flail discs front and back (with squeegees)
Setting the battery opening by sector and
4-wheel truck 295 / 60x22.5 on axle, 80 mm-6 axles + nitrogen ball suspension for transport (up to 52 discs)
2-wheel low-pressure trolley 550 / 60x22.5 axle, 90 mm -10 axles + nitrogen ball suspension for transport (from 60 discs)
2 lifting cylinders with mechanical depth stop (hydroclips)
Signage and lighting
Hydraulic equipment required: 2 double axles + 1 single axle (4 double axles from 60 discs)
Hydraulic parking brake
Folding by 2 cylinders (4 cylinders from 60 discs) with hydraulic lock block
Ø 50 ball joint ring arrow with spring compensation
Model 60 discs: hydraulic offset boom, articulated ball joint ring Ø50 and hydraulic compensation.
Utilisation Half turning soil tillage = replacement for plough
Ideal for tillage of virgin and fallow lands, including lands with lush crop cover or crop residues.
Mixing of larger amounts of crop residues, effective and deep mixing tillage.
Soil loosening up to 25 cm working depth, the moisture remains in the soil because of half turning soil tillage.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
APVRS FF 32 4,50 m 10 (6+4) 7040 kg
APVRS FF 36 5,00 m 10 (6+4) 7116 kg
APVRS FF 40 5,50 m 12 7427 kg
APVRS FF 44 6,00 m 16 7739 kg
APVRS FF 52 7,00 m 16 8199 kg
APVRS FF 60 8,00 m 24 10486 kg
APVRS FF 68 9,00 m 24 13140 kg