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QUIVOGNE's extremely robust and reliable hoe works on inter-rows while avoiding plants.

Hoeing prevents intermediate crops from rising and reduces weeding loads per hectare.

What's more, by breaking the crust formed by irrigation or by rain, water penetration into the soil is improved, avoiding the phenomenon of capping. Water evaporation by capillarity is also limited. Hoeing also enables the cracks in the ground that appear when the soil is very dry, to be broken up. Thanks to hoeing, plant roots are able to breathe better.

With its fertilisation equipment, the hoe enables you to save on one pass!  The 1000 L tank provides a high level of autonomy; what's more, it's made of stainless steel to guarantee a long lifetime. The double-head pneumatic distribution guarantees excellent fertiliser distribution.

This inter-row hoe is equipped with an extremely robust centre frame. Rear self-guided by two spring-mounted directional discs. Height under frame 700 mm, 32x10 mm tines with wing shovel. Precise 450 to 800 mm adjustable inter-row. Two ø 560 mm notched plant protector discs per element. Fitted with control wheels with ball bearings and 2 stands.