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Main Features The APVRS, THE V disc harrow for a high ha/h output.
It is one of the biggest V disc harrows in the Quivogne range. Working widths go from 3,60m to 5,85m, making this disc harrow the ideal implement for medium and large farms. Depending on the working width, it needs from 110 to 200 hp to pull it. Designed with all the Quivogne know-how this machine is a synonym for strength and reliability. Perfect weight balancing over all the discs allows an effective attack and uniform work (113 to 130kg per disc depending on the size of the implement). The APVRS has of course been approved by the DRIRE in order to be able to go on public highways legally.
It can be equipped with plain discs, cutaway discs, lobed discs or flail discs (APVRS FF). Equipped with flail- flail the disc harrows leave a well buried finish
Technical specifications The twin beam main chassis (200x100x10) and the outer sections (150x100x8) are made with HLE steel. The main chassis is reinforced (3 beams) and dimensions are increased for the APVRS 52D. The disc gang beams are 160x120x8, shafts are made from 40 mm square section treated high resistance steel. Patented less curved discs Ø 660 or Ø 710 at the leading edge reduce projections. Front cutaway discs, plain behind or alternated.4 transport wheels 295/60-22.5, with reinforced centres, square 70mm axles, 6 pins.
2 lifting rams with a hydraulic stop for depth control and a nitrogen accumulator suspension for transport, 2 folding rams with hydraulic locking, rotating hitch ring, disc gang opening adjustment by section, folded road transport width 3,00m. Tractor hydraulic requirements Either 1 d/a and 1s/a, or 2 d/a and 1 s/a hydraulic services (to be specified when ordering).

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Utilisation Through the high weight and the combination of jagged and smooth discs the APVRS is ideal for stubble cultivation under heavy conditions. The disc spacing of 230 - 260 mm and special scrapers ensure blockage free working even with a large amount of residues. Various trailing implements available for APVRS excellent soil reconsolidation.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
AVPRS 36-66x6-23 10 paliers (6+4) 4.00 m 36 4040 kg
AVPRS 40-66x6-23 12 paliers 4.40 m 40 4290 kg
AVPRS 44-66x6-23 12 paliers 4.90 m 44 4460 kg
AVPRS 48-66x6-23 16 paliers 5.40 m 48 5320 kg
AVPRS 52-66x6-23 16 paliers 5.80 m 52 5480 kg
AVPRS 32-71x7-26 12 paliers 3.90 m 32 4290 kg
AVPRS 36-71x7-26 12 paliers 4.40 m 36 4500 kg
AVPRS 40-71x7-26 12 paliers 4.90 m 40 4710 kg
AVPRS 44-71x7-26 16 paliers 5.40 m 44 5600 kg