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Main Features Designed for work of medium depth (up to 20 cm), the Diskacrop allows to carry out a large number of
operations: superficial stubble, resumption of plowing, false seeding or preparation of the seed bed, making it a tool extremely versatile.
Its large diameter discs make it easy to bury residues and thus obtain a good soil-debris mixture even in wet
Working at optimum speed of 10 to 15 km / h, the Diskacrop is the best place for important work output,
especially in the presence of organic material such as manure or corn stover.
Technical specifications • Main frame ■ 250 x 250 mm
• 2 rows of discs Ø660 mm, thickness 6 mm, spacing between discs 265 or 300 mm
• Dual-seal hub with twin row ball bearings, maintenance-free
• Non-stop safety device with 4 elastomers Ø50 mm
• Comb harrow with single row Ø12 mm between the second row of discs and the roller
• 3-point hitch with clevis attachment, category 3
• Retractable anti-projection deflector for overcoming obstacles
• Mechanical adjustment of the working depth by the rear roller
• Folding by 2 jacks (DISKACROP 400) and by 4 jacks (DISKACROP 500 & 600) with manual locking
• Signalling and lighting kit
• Hydraulic equipment required: 1 DE (if folding machine)
Utilisation Universal implement for soil tillage (working depth 3 to 18 cm). Intense and homogeneos mixing of soil and organic matter, optimal seed bed preparation. Direct reconsolidation with the trailing roller - quick rotting and only low loss of moisture.The wide disc row distance ensures blockage free working.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
DISKACROP 300 RIGIDE 3,00 m 22 2490
DISKACROP 350 RIGIDE 3,50 m 26 2760
DISKACROP 400 REPLIABLE 4,00 m 30 3910
DISKACROP 500 REPLIABLE 5,00 m 38 4810
DISKACROP 600 REPLIABLE 6,00 m 44 5295