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DISKATOR high-speed disc cultivator

Main Features Designed especially to perform high-speed shallow stubble cultivation, the Diskator is particularly efficient at high speed. It ensures that you have the optimum output cost effectively, it enables the decomposition of organic matter, soil erosion is reduced and the pressed finish is impeccable.
By increasing the amount of soil moisture that is retained, conditions for germination are improved.
Available in fixed versions of 3 and 4m and folding versions from 4 to 12m
Technical specifications DISKATOR mounted version: Models 3m, 4m single beam fixed chassis, models 4m, 5m, 6m single beam vertical folding chassis. Single beam 250x250x10. Special steel discs Ø 450mm (thickness 4.5mm)
For the 3m to 6m models. The hubs are fitted with automotive quality bearings, maintenance free as they are closed and greased for their working life.
Non-stop elastomer high clearance safety protection, disc overlap 125mm. Well-designed curved deflectors with three dimensional adjustment, flexible mounting for work. Working depth fine adjustment by rear packer roller. A row of following harrow tines is fitted as standard between the second row of discs and the packer roller. The disc gangs are factory set, overlap 125mm. QUIVOGNE’S exclusive « Z » Ø 500 type roller ensures perfect rotation at high speeds.

DISKATOR trailed version: single beam trailed chassis 300x300x12 HLE – hydraulic folding lengthways– Discs ø560 independently mounted on automotive quality bearings that are greased for life and maintenance free- Nonstop elastomer safety protection – a row of following times is mounted between the second row of discs and the packer roller - Well-designed curved deflectors with three dimensional adjustments, flexible mounting for work, - Disc overlap 125mm – Packer roller ø540, 12 reinforced tubes – Working depth fine adjustment by rear packer roller – Wheels 680/55x26.5 – Square axle dimension 90mm, 10 pins – hydraulic drawbar – Marker boards and road lighting kit.
Tractor hydraulic requirements: 3 d/a hydraulic services .Hydraulic brakes - Parking brake
Utilisation The medium-heavy compact disc harrow for mixing of residues and seedbed preparation. Perfect soil cultivation through jagged discs in 3 to 15 cm working depth, adjustable via the trailing roller. Direct reconsolidation with the trailing roller -quick rotting and only low loss of moisture. High effieciency through high working speed and low wear cost.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
DISKATOR 300 rigide porté 3.00 m 24 1990 kg
DISKATOR 350 rigide porté 3.50 m 28 2205 kg
DISKATOR 400 rigide porté 4.00 m 32 2970 kg
DISKATOR 400 repliable porté 4.00 m 32 3020 kg
DISKATOR 500 repliable porté 5.00 m 40 3400 kg
DISKATOR 600 repliable porté 6.00 m 48 4005 kg
DISKATOR high-speed disc cultivator