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Main Features Perfect for medium-sized cultures, easy settings.
Quivogne disc-harrow, self-supporting in "V" with horizontal folding. Completely hydraulic, with a remote control for all operations from the tractor cab. The single-beam frame makes easier the visualization and the settings, and ensures an homogeneous work at the same time. A perfect weight distribution on all discs enables an outstanding penetration and a regular work. Combined with a roller and a rake harrow, it rounds off the work of SOL-V to obtain better results.
Moreover, Quivogne let you choose the type of discs according to your type of soil (notched, plain or lobed discs)
Approved by the DRIRE, to be driven legally on the roads.
Working width 3,20m to 4m, weight from 3 890 kg to 4 300 kg.
Technical specifications Single-beam frame in tube 250x250, thickness 10, in high-strength steel. Synchronized hydraulic opening/closing of the 4 disc gangs. Drawbar with hydraulic offset and self-compensating system on springs.
Single axle square 70, 6 braked axles, 2 wheels 295/60-22,5. Lifting cylinder with mechanical depth stop (different sealing rings placed along spindle). Disc gangs with rectangular tube 160x120x8. Disc gangs mounted on triple waterproof conical bearings. Machine-welded reinforced brackets for bearings. Shafts square 40 in high-strength steel. Notched discs at the front, smooth at the rear or alternated (please specify in the order). Less curved patented discs Ø 660 at the attack on the front disc gang. Transport width lower than 3 m.
Utilisation Through the combination of jagged and smooth discs the SOL-V is ideal for stubble cultivation under normal and heavy soil conditions.
The disc spacing of 230 - 260 mm and special scrapers ensure blockage free working even with a large amount of residues. Deep soil mixing through V-shaped arrangeSOL- V ment of the disc sections.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
SOL-V 28-66-23 8 paliers 3,20 m 28 3 776 kg
SOL-V 32-66-23 8 paliers 3,60 m 32 3 936 kg
SOL-V 36-66-23 10 paliers 4,00 m 36 4 186 kg