Main Features The APXE-TL, great classic of the QUIVOGNE range, symbol of the reliability and strength.
Great classic of the QUIVOGNE range, this self-supporting disc-harrow is the perfect tool for medium-sized cultures. Its frame ensures a perfect weight repartition on all discs (weight/disc 92 to 111 kg according to the working width) ensuring a homogeneous and efficient work. Approved by the DRIRE, it can be driven legally on the roads.
Working width : 2,80 to 4m.
Technical specifications Frame width 1,70m, 3 tubes 150x100x8. Disc gangs tube 160x120x8, shafts square 40, 2 oustridgers, steel bearings, triple waterproof conical bearings (weight : 21kg), opening adjustment of disc gangs by sector and locking system, less curved patented discs Ø610 or Ø660 to limit projections. 2 wheels 10x15 - 10 ply, reinforced rims, half-axles square 70, 6 axles. 1 lifting hydraulic cylinder, working depth adjustment through hydraulic depth stop, transport width lower than 2,50m.
Utilisation Through the combination of jagged and smooth discs, the medium-heavy disc harrow APXE-TL is ideal for stubble cultivation, under normal soil conditions.
The disc spacing of 230 mm and special scrapers ensure blockage free working even with a large amount of residues.
Excellent coverage of the working area through X-shaped, shifted arranged disc sections.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
APXE-TL 24-61x6-23 8 paliers 2.80 m 24 2520 kg
APXE-TL 28-61x6-23 8 paliers 3.20 m 28 2710 kg
APXE-TL 32-61x6-23 8 paliers 3.60 m 32 2880 kg
APXE-TL 36-61x6-23 10 paliers (6+4) 4.00 m 36 3180 kg
APXE-TL 24-66x6-23 8 paliers 2.80 m 24 2620 kg
APXE-TL 28-66x6-23 8 paliers 3.20 m 28 2790 kg
APXE-TL 32-66x6-23 8 paliers 3.60 m 32 3060 kg
APXE-TL 36-66x6-23 10 paliers (6+4) 4.00 m 36 3330 kg
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