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Main Features The APFL-FF is a heavy and agressive machine !

The APFL Flail/Flail Quivogne is a self-supporting disc-harrow in "V" specifically engineered for hard work conditions. This tool is fitted with flail-flail discs at the front as at the rear. With an agressive design, these discs ensures an efficient work by the first path. With a load of 160 to 200 kg by disc, a working depth of 5 to 18 cm, this disc-harrow is perfect for the shallow ploughing. To optimize the degradation of crop residues and obtain a perfect result, the APFL can be combined with a rear roller.
Working width : 1,90m to 3,85m. Approved by the DRIRE, it can be driven legally on the roads.
Technical specifications Twin-bar frame in tube 200x100x10. Disc gangs in tube 200x100x10. 1 lifting cylinder with adjustment through hydraulic depth stop. 2 wheels 295/60-22,5, reinforced rims, axle square 70, 6 axles.
Opening adjustment of disc gangs by sector with locking system. Flail discs at the front and at the rear Ø810 x 10 with special scrapers, spacing 280. Shafts square 50.
For APFL-FF with 26 and 28 discs : same frame as for APF, 4 wheels 295/60-22,5 and 2 lifting cylinders.
Utilisation Half turning soil tillage= replacement for plough
Ideal for tillage of virgin and fallow lands, including lands with lush crop cover or crop
residues. Mixing of larger amounts of crop residues, effective and deep mixing tillage.
Soil loosening up to 25 cm working depth, the moisture remains in the soil because of half turning soil tillage.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
APFL FF 16-810-10-280 6 paliers 2,20 m 16 3026 kg
APFL FF 18-810-10-280 6 paliers 2,45 m 18 3182 kg
APFL FF 20-810-10-280 6 paliers 2,75 m 20 3338 kg
APFL FF 22-810-10-280 6 paliers 3,00 m 22 3493 kg
APFL FF 24-810-10-280 8 paliers 3,30 m 24 3730 kg
APFL FF 26 châssis APF-810-10-280 8 paliers 3,55 m 26 4236 kg
APFL FF 28 châssis APF-810-10-280 8 paliers 3,85 m 28 4391 kg
APFL FF 30 châssis APF-810-10-280 12 paliers 4,15 m 30 5165 kg
APFL FF 32 châssis APF-810-10-280 12 paliers 4,45 m 32 5320 kg