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Main Features The S80 ensures an efficient drainage !
This subsoiler has been engineered with a straight tine of thickness 30mm, a share in high-strength steel and a draining ball Ø100mm. This design enables an efficient drainage and its robust frame gives a foolproof rigidity.
Technical specifications Frame in tube 200x100x10, straight tine in thickness 30 mm with a share in high-strength steel and draining ball Ø 100, safeety with shearbolts.
Under-beam clearance 900 mm. Standard linkage category 2.
Utilisation The Quivogne S80 subsoiler was designed especially for very small sized farms respectively for very narrow fields. With the drainage cone Ø 100 mm the unwatering of the soil is possible during the workflow. Also, even with this small machine, the shear bolt stone protection is a standard feature.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Tines Nbre Poids Information request
S80 -1 1 244 kg