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VR NG Vibroculteur single beam springtine cultivator

Main Features The latest version of the vibroculteur springtine cultivator!
This new generation vibroculteur springtine cultivator has been built with a tough single beam frame, 5 rows of point ball tines 32x10 and hydraulic folding that reduces the width to less than 2.50m. A single crumbler roller, or double crumbler rollers, a following harrow, a single coil packer roller or a double spiral packer roller, and a levelling board can be added depending on your requirements. With working widths of 4m, 5m or 6m all you have to do is make your choice!
Technical specifications Single beam frame 250x250, thickness 10mm. 5 springtine carrying bars 60x12, inter-bar spacing 340mm. Point ball tines 32x10.
2 section hydraulic folding. Road transport width less than 2.50m. Marker boards and road lighting kit depending on width. Requires 1 d/a hydraulic service.
Clevis hitch, Cat.2 and 3.
Utilisation The light sprint-tines cultivator VIBROCULTEUR VR NG is ideal for seed bed preparation and weed control.
The optional twin notched roller Ø 300 / 300 mm ensures fine crumbling of the soil immediately after soil loosening. Tillage in working depth up to 15 cm. Recommended working speed: 9-13 km/h
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Tines Nbre Poids Information request
VR NG 400 4.00 m 40 790 kg
VR NG 500 5.00 m 50 990 kg
VR NG 600 6.00 m 60 1180 kg
VR NG Vibroculteur single beam springtine cultivator