Main Features The SSE, subsoiler with curved tines.
The SSE subsoiler has been engineered with a frame in V (at 120°) very robust and tines with thickness 30mm in order to resist in any event. The curved tines with under-beam clearance 650mm or 750mm, optional, can loosen the soil efficiently. Moreover they are fitted with shares in high-strength steel, ensuring an easier penetration of soil. Frame width : 2,60m with 3, 4 or 5 tines.
Technical specifications Frame in tube 150x100x10, width 2,60m, under-beam clearance 650 mm, curved tines thickness 30mm, with shares in high-strength steel, safety with shear bolts, linkage in category 2.
Signalling devices
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Tines Nbre Poids Information request
SSE 260 - 2 2,60 m 2 455 kg
SSE 260 - 3 2,60 m 3 498 kg
SSE 260 - 4 2,60 m 4 549 kg
SSE 260 - 5 2,60 m 5 600 kg
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