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Main Features The big brother of the famous self-lifting roller the Rollmot, the Rollmax takes over the strenghts of the latter while offering a Ø620 mm diameter cast iron.
The Rollmax offers a better rolling, while reducing the horse power requirements of the tractor.
Furthermore, the heavy weight of the implement improve the rolling operations ; as well as the ductile cast iron which enables a better resistance of the implement to the shocks, reducing in this way the cost of the maintenance.
Its robust conception and its numerous equipements can combine intensive use and working comfort.
Strengths :
- Cast iron of Ø620 mm. Improve the rolling.
- Outrigger for a better field monitoring.
- Greased for life hubs.
- 400/65x15.5 wheels for a better stability during the transport and a higher comfort for the user.
Technical specifications - Cambridge Cast iron or notched Cambridge Ø620 mm
- Lateral rollers mounted on outriggers
- Shafts of Ø70 mm oversized
- 400/65x15.5 wheels
- Stabiliser support of sections in transport position
- Hydraulic folding out (synchronised on Rollmax 950)
- Dreal certification
- LED lighting

Options :

- Hydraulic leveling board
- Stones compartment
- Hydraulic braking ( serie on Rollmax 950)
- Independent hydraulic stand
- Flow divider for synchronized opening

The Rollmax is approved for 40 km/h without braking for models 530 to 830, and with hydraulic braking for model 950.
Technical characteristics
Type Font type Working width Information request
Rollmax 630 Cambridge ondulé Ø620 mm 6,30 m
Rollmax 830 Cambridge ondulé Ø620 mm 8,30 m
Rollmax 950 Cambridge ondulé Ø620 mm 9,50 m