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Main Features Especially engineered for the maintenance of vines : the PXVI Quivogne.

The design of PXVI complies with the requirements of a machine especially engineered for vines : an important load on the discs for an easier penetration in the soil, and an adjustable workind width, keeping the angle of attack. The PXVI is fitted with notched discs at the front, smooth discs at the rear, or alternated on request. A central tine (type : cultivator) with a double core ploughshare and a wing enables to work the central line and stabilizes the machine perfectly.
Besides, the number of discs of the PXVI is flexible : for a model with 12 discs, you can choose to change to 8 discs, simply removing 1 disc by gang. But you can also upgrade to 16 discs with an extension of 4 discs (optional) to be mounted on external discs, or even 20 discs with 2 sets of extensions (internal and external mounting)
The deflectors (in option) limit projections and ensure the protection of plants.
Technical specifications Reinforced single beam frame, adjustable working width, standard linkage, n°1 reduced, n°1 and n°2 central tine, double core ploughshare with wing, 4 disc gangs on parallelogram, disc Ø 560, spacing 215, shafts square 40, notched discs at the front, smooth at the rear, bearing with triple waterproof roller bearings (weight : 19kg).
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
PXVI 8 - Disques 560x4.30 éc. 215 mm 1.05 - 1.48 8 669 kg
PXVI 12 - Disques 560x4.30 éc. 215 mm 1.48 - 1.98 12 709 kg
PXVI 16 - Disques 560x4.30 éc. 215 mm 1.88 - 2.38 16 (12 disques + 1 jeu d'allonge 4 disques) 797 kg
PXVI 20 - Disques 560x4.30 éc. 215 mm 2.15 - 2.38 20 (12 disques + 2 jeux d'allonge 4 disques) 888 kg