HVSL Seed harrow

Main Features All the essentials in an innovative and robust design.

The HVSL is a heavy harrow with highly resistant points that is suitable for all, even the toughest, soils. Thanks to a height adjustable rear towing hitch and 2 hydraulic connectors, the HVSL can be combined with other implements such as a set of rollers... Furthermore three anchor points on the harrow sections permit more flexible use.
This harrow can be adapted to suit your way of working and your soil type perfectly by adding from a large choice of optional equipment: double rear crumbler rollers, single rear crumbler roller, following harrow, wheel mark eradicators, and soil pressure system.
Technical specifications Twin beam chassis 100x100x8 in micro alloy steel that has a high elasticity limit. The dimensions are 100x100x6 for the 6.30m and 100x100x8 for the 8m30. High clearance harrow sections in flat steel bar 70x14. Square 28 mm Mangano - siliceous points, 250mm long or round 28mm points as an option. Soil pressure system. Hydraulic folding by 2 rams for the 6.30m and 4 rams for the 8.30m. Three chain anchor points on the harrow sections. Rear hitch with a pair of hydraulic couplings. Road lighting kit and marker panels. Requires 2 d/a hydraulic services. Clevis linkage Cat. 2 and 3.
Utilisation The tine harrow HVSL ensures with up to 8 tine sections (spring loaded and guided via drag chains) an even adaption to the soil contour during the workflow. Tine sections length 173 cm: 84 - 162 tines, larger tine spacing for better flow of soil and blockage-free working.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Tines Nbre Poids Information request
HVSL 530 5.00 m 84 1660 kg
HVSL 630 6.40 m 108 1800 kg
HVSL 730 7.20 m 120 2100 kg
HVSL 830 8.60 m 144 2600 kg
HVSL 930 9.40 m 162 2750 kg
HVSL Seed harrow
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