Main Features A great classic, synonym of excellent work culture and reliability.

The APXRS is the perfection with ease. Known as the reference among the harrows on the French market, its quality of work and its reliability are legendary. Engineered in "X", it achieves a regular path and is practical at work. Approved by the DRIRE, it can be driven legally on the roads. Working width 3,60m to 7m, hydraulic folding, weight from 4 130 kg to 7 170 kg. Numerous options.
Technical specifications Central frame in tube 200x100x10 (beginning from 48 discs), swivel towing eye. Outer frames in tube 150x100x8. Disc gangs in tube 160x120x8, shafts square 40 in hardened steel, 2 oustridgers, removable oustridger (to be written in the order), less curved patented discs Ø640 and Ø710 to limit projections, notched discs at the front, smooth discs at the rear or alternated, opening adjustment of disc gangs by sector, steel bearings, triple waterproof conical bearings (weight: 21 Kg). Locking system for 44 discs and over. 4 wheels 295/60-22,5 (2 additional wheels for 60 and 64 discs), reinforced rims, axles square 70, 6 axles, suspension by nitrogen ball for the transport (beginning from 48 discs). 3 or 5 hoses to the tractor, 2 lifting hydraulic cylinders with adjustment through hydraulic depth stop, 2 folding cylinders with hydraulic locking system. Transport width lower than 3,00m.
Utilisation Through the high weight and the combination of jagged and smooth discs the APXRS is ideal for stubble cultivation under heavy conditions.
Subsoiling in up to 20 cm working depth.
The disc spacing of 230 - 260 mm and special scrapers ensure blockage free working even with a large amount of residues.
Excellent deep mixing tillage and good driving performance through X-shaped arrangement of the disc sections.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
APXRS 48-66X6-23 16 paliers châssis élargi 5.40 m 48 5660 kg
APXRS 52-66X6-23 16 paliers châssis élargi 5.80 m 52 5830 kg
APXRS 56-66X6-23 16 paliers châssis élargi 6.20 m 56 6000 kg
APXRS 60-66X6-23 20 paliers châssis élargi 6.60 m 60 6600 kg
APXRS 64-66X6-23 20 paliers châssis élargi 7.00 m 64 6770 kg
APXRS 40-71X7-26 12 paliers 4.90 m 40 4850 kg
APXRS 44-71X7-26 16 paliers châssis élargi 5.40 m 44 5900 kg
APXRS 48-71X7-26 16 paliers châssis élargi 5.90 m 48 6120 kg
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