VR Springtine cultivator

Main Features A tailor-made springtine cultivator!
For the manufacture of this implement, our manufacturing procedure is determined by your requirements. The VR concept is to have a principal element with options. A springtine cultivator with a very tough frame, equipped with 4 rows of point ball tines 32x10 and hydraulic folding make up the nucleus of the implement. The following can be added to it, ø300mm diameter crumbler roller, a double crumbler roller ø300 in front, ø280 behind, following harrow and a levelling board, depending on your requirements. With working widths going from 4,10m to 8,30m it would be hard not to find a springtine cultivator to suit your needs.
Technical specifications Twin beam frame, 90x90x6 square tube at the front, and 80x80x6 square tube at the back. 4 steel tine carrying bars 60x12, inter-bar spacing 400mm. Point ball tines 32x10 clearance 400mm.
Hydraulic folding with 2 d/a rams. Marker panels and road lighting kit depending on width. Tractor hydraulic requirements: 1 d/a hydraulic service. Double clevis hitch Cat. 2 and 3 or automatic hitch: to be specified when ordering
Utilisation The light sprint-tines cultivator VIBROCULTEUR VR is ideal for seed bed preparation and weed control. The optional twin notched roller Ø 300 / 300 mm ensures fine crumbling of the soil immediately after soil loosening. Tillage in working depth up to 15 cm Recommended working speed: 9-13 km/h
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Tines Nbre Poids Information request
VR 410 repliable 4,10 m 41 720 kg
VR 450 repliable 4,50 m 45 790 kg
VR 510 repliable 5,10 m 51 896 kg
VR 550 repliable 5,50 m 55 966 kg
VR 610 repliable 6,10 m 61 1 072 kg
VR Springtine cultivator
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