Main Features Winner of the Silver Medal at the Royal Show, this tool is the only one of its kind.
The most powerful tractors available on the market are necessary to draw the TINEMASTER 7m optimally.
Working width 3,20m to 7m, weight from 4 290kg to 10 500 kg.
Technical specifications Central frame in tube 200x100x10 and outer frame in tube 150x100x8, reversible flat ring, tines with 30 mm thickness, shares with wings, height adjustment of tines with hydraulic safety pins and nitrogen ball.
Disc gangs in tube 160x120x8, shafts square 40 in hardened steel, opening adjustment of disc gangs by sector, less curved patented discs Ø660 at the attack to limit projections, steel bearings, triple waterproof conical bearings (weight : 21kg), 4 wheels 295/60-22,5, reinforced rims (mounted on wheel bracket Ø120), axles square 70, 6 axles, 2 lifting cylinders with adjustment through hydraulic depth stop and suspension by nitrogen ball, 2 folding cylinders with locking system, double hydraulic locking in transport position from 48 to 56 discs. Transport width lower than 3,00m. For the model TM28, manual folding in lengthwise transport : transport width lower than 3m.
Utilisation Through the combination of discs and tines the TINEMASTER is able to provide deep soil loosening (in up to 40 cm working depth) and residue mixing in one single working pass. With an optional available trailing roller the soil can be reconsolidated effectively.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
TM 32-66X6-23 5 dents rigide 8 paliers 3.60 m 32 4460 kg
TM 32-66X6-23 5 dents 8 paliers repliable vertical 3.60 m 32 5505 kg
TM 36-66X6-23 7 dents 10 paliers repliable vertical 4.00 m 36 6280 kg
TM 40-66X6-23 7 dents 12 paliers repliable vertical 4.40 m 40 6450 kg
TM 44-66X6-23 7 dents 12 paliers repliable vertical 4.90 m 44 7715 kg
TM 48-66X6-23 7 dents 16 paliers châssis élargi 5.40 m 48 7850 kg
TM 56-66X6-23 9 dents 16 paliers châssis élargi 6.20 m 56 8510 kg
TM 64-66X6-11 11 dents 20 paliers châssis élargi 7.00 m 64 10000 kg
TM 28-66X6-23 5 dents rigide 8 paliers 3.20 m 28 4590 kg
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