RPD Front mounted packer

Main Features This Quivogne twin shaft packer is made up of two rows of small wavy discs mounted on a solid frame 150x10x8.
It is just as suitable for working down ploughing as it is for working down stubble cultivations. The discs chop and mix crop residues into the soil in order to create a fine and even seedbed.
Technical specifications Twin shaft packer with two rows of wavy discs Ø500. Square high resistance steel shaft (40 mm) bearing housings and ball bearings, spacing 230mm.Rigid frame of 2.55 to 4.40 with a 150x10x8 HLE steel beam. Vertically folding frame in 2 sections from 3.20 to 6.60m with two hydraulic rams. Automatic steering 3 point linkage with a very strong mast, enabling the packer frame to pivot horizontally and vertically. The automatic steering system improves tractor manoeuvrability.
Technical characteristics
Type Font type Working width Information request
RPD 255 2.55
RPD 300 3.00
RPD 320 3.20
RPD 345 3.45
RPD 395 3.95
RPD 440 4.40
RPD 320 Repliable 3.20
RPD 370 Repliable 3.70
RPD 415 Repliable 4.15
RPD 465 Repliable 4.65
RPD 510 Repliable 5.10
RPD 555 Repliable 5.55
RPD 605 Repliable 6.05
RPD 660 Repliable 6.60
RPD Front mounted packer
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