Main Features The APAVR model is a Quivogne disc harrow built around a very strong chassis that already exists as X version; it is the APAXR’s cousin.
This chassis gives it the extreme toughness that is necessary for it to enable it to cope with its immense performance (ha/h). It is actually available in working widths from 4 to 7 m and four types of disc are available, cutaway, plain, lobed or flail; each type of disc has its own application. Furthermore it is possible to complete the GC module with a harrow made up of three rows of following harrow tines is fitted between the two gangs of front and rear discs.
Technical specifications Twin beam main chassis 200x100x10 and outer sections 150x100x8 made from HLE steel. Vertical folding. Disc gang supporting beams dimensions 160x120x8, with mechanical adjustment of each gang of discs. Square bearing casings (40 mm) made from very high resistance steel, triple seals, square disc gang shafts (40mm). Ram on drawbar with spring shock absorbers. Braked axle 6 square shafts (90mm), wheels 520/50 x17. The GC has the possibility (option) of having a following harrow (Ø16mm tines) fitted between the disc gangs. Patented less curved leading edge discs.
Technical characteristics
Type Working width Discs Nbre Poids Information request
APAVR 36 - disques 660*6 - éc. 230mm 4,00 m 36 6259 kg
APAVR 40 - disques 660*6 - éc. 230mm 4,40 m 40 6513 kg
APAVR GC 44 - disques 660*6 - éc. 230mm 4,90 m 44 7513 kg
APAVR GC 48 - disques 660*6 - éc. 230mm 5,40 m 48 7751 kg
APAVR GC 52 - disques 660*6 - éc. 230mm 5,80 m 52 7921 kg
APAVR 32 - disques 710*7 - éc. 260mm 3,90 m 32 6425 kg
APAVR 36 - disques 710*7 - éc. 260mm 4,40 m 36 6679 kg
APAVR 40 - disques 710*7 - éc. 260mm 4,90 m 40 6868 kg
APAVR GC 44 - disques 710*7 - éc. 260mm 5,40 m 44 7933 kg
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